In the autumn my dogs become little apple piglets.  They would eat apples all day long given the opportunity, and my lawn is full of them.  Big red ones, little green ones, it doesn’t much matter.  My little will also sit in the garden and munch away on the kale.  My son encourages that so he won’t have to eat so much of it.  And green beans, when those were still growing on the vine.  But lettuce? Won’t touch the stuff.  I wonder what that’s all about. 


4 Responses to “Apples”

  1. Gracie agrees about apples but also seems to be very fond of fresh wood stacked beside the woodstove.

  2. Gracie is teething… the wood chewing thing will slow down, but Tula also occasionally takes a piece of wood to go chew on. Maybe that’s why her teeth have never had to be cleaned? Yum.

  3. I love the kale bit about your kids encouraging the dogs to eat them – ha ha. So funny and so cute! Hope the little doggies don’t get tummy upsets from all those apples.

  4. I think my dogs have iron stomachs. 🙂

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