Children are drawn to water.  My son will find it, and get wet, no matter what time of year, how far they have to walk home, or whatever the consequences might be.  He is not alone, but it is always surprising to me how many times he falls in to the stream near our house, even though every time he says he will stay dry and no he doesn’t need to wear his rubber boots.  Yet the near misses add up, and finally he is in. 


2 Responses to “Water”

  1. I had a daughter who couldn’t resist stomping in puddles or anything else that contained water. She is at mid-life now and still enjoys wearing boots that she can stomp and slosh. It is amazing how we give indications at early ages as to our individuality. PS: I always took extra pants when she played soccer. It was a Fall season and she just couldn’t miss any low spots of moisture/wet/water in the playing field, on the way to field, in the parking lot.
    All the Best,

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