What can I say, this is a fun project for me – my less serious photo work I guess, and also a tribute to Steve Jobs and all his glorious genius ‘ness.  It’s also sometimes a challenge, like when I take some great photos with my “real” camera but can’t post them because this blog is all about the iPhone photos (and my random thoughts along with it).  Now for the facts, I’m a Vermonter who spent a chunk of my life in NYC but returned when the kids came along.  I used to produce tv commercials, now I do lots of projects here and there… that is life in Vermont, you take what you can and enjoy the scenery.

Kirsten Elin



2 Responses to “About”

  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog, Kirsten. I am impress with your photography and creative style. It’s amazing how far the technology have come. Looks like I just might have to invest in an IPhone. 😉

    • Thanks Emily! I love your work as well. It’s kind of fun limiting this blog to my iphone photos… I obviously still use a regular camera, but it’s good discipline for me putting only iphone photos on this one… and it’s so darn easy. I always have it with me…

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